Valve spring type changes

Information relating to the Matchless G3 or AJS Model 16 350cc Heavyweight
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Valve spring type changes

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Thought I would post this edit from my question in another topic elsewhere to see if any bod had comments as it’s a curious thing, to me anyway.

‘That’s interesting Peter. Although a different bike, when I first removed the rocker cover of my 1960 G3 some years ago, it was apparent that three coil valve springs, as in your rh pic, were fitted and bike seemed to run fine. Amongst the parts that came with the bike was a complete set of used four coil springs, as in the lh pic, in good condition, so it seemed. Can’t remember if forthcoming advice persuaded me but I fitted them and they’ve been there ever since. Bike runs fine still.
At the risk of hijacking your thread, does anyone have an opinion on if I did the right thing or not, or if it even matters? I will measure the wire gauge of the removed springs out of interest’.

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