Rear sprocket

Information relating to the Matchless G5 or AJS Model 8 350cc Lightweight
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Re: Rear sprocket

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Thank you for your reply which is very useful. I suggest it may be sensible to wait a little before ordering any more.
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Re: Rear sprocket

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Janet wrote:A question for lightweight owners. If we were able to source rear sprockets ( ie the one on the back wheel ) without having to modify them to fit lightweight machines, how much would you be prepared to pay for one?

Note: this would be on behalf on Jampot Spares and not advertising a private enterprise.
If it helps, I paid £65 at the Stafford show last April for a two tooth smaller blank plus new chain for my Model 8. I can't remember the split between chain and sprocket but think that the blank was about £30-£35. The machining to fit my hub was extra but was done as a favour to me so I don't know how much that would cost. I bought the sprocket from one of the companies I usually see at shows but can't remember their name! A husband and wife team, I believe, in red overalls. Either The Chain Man or Sprockets Unlimited, I think.
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Re: Rear sprocket

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Maybe us mere mortals earning the minimum wage and working part time these days are living in the past. For me a rear sprocket which after all is just a small ring of steel with some teeth cut into it would be almost two days wages but possibly two hours wages for the guy that makes it/them
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Re: Rear sprocket

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I'm away at the moment so can't check my records but I'm pretty sure I paid £40 to Russell Motors for a new one albeit a different size of 56 teeth which I married to a 20 tooth gearbox sprocket which raised the gearing overall from standard. It then needed a longer chain of 124 links.
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Re: Rear sprocket

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An equivalent flat plate sprocket for a BSA is around the £30 to £50 mark. I'd suggest around the £35 to £45 would be reasonable. There must be quite a few of us out there, not just G5 owners, who need these as they're a part that does wear and needs changing every once in a while.
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Re: Rear sprocket

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It would seem that the amount of additional machining would be well within the capability of a reasonably equipped home workshop - why not approach model engineers through their forum to see if anyone is willing to re-machine as a means to support their hobby?

Regards Mick
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