Twin down tube frame, cotter pins??

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Re: Twin down tube frame, cotter pins??

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Hi Steve, the end caps do push in and are quite substantial probably around 1/8" plate, the cap that fits the drive side has a tapered hole in it to suit the spoke, the other end has a central hole with a countersink to suit the nipple the tapped hole serves to act as a filling point, I rotated it so that I could use it without moving the oil feed & return pipes but I think that I once read that it went at 3 o'clock to act as a level plug. I managed to get approximately 75mls of SAE 140 in using the syringe shown, the round plates also have a paper gasket behind them which is presently unavailable, so I made a couple with an OXO cube box, hope this is of some help, kind regards, Ian. :thumbup:
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Re: Twin down tube frame, cotter pins??

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