G5 production numbers

Information relating to the Matchless G5 or AJS Model 8 350cc Lightweight
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Re: G5 production numbers

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Rob Harknett wrote:I got a bike Mot'd not so long ago, I had not noticed the previous MoT man had not looked on the old MoT for frame no. He had looked on the bike and entered the engine number.
Same happened to me with my G80 - I sent photographs of Frame and Engine number back to DVLA and sorted it out with them OK
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Re: G5 production numbers

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With regard to cbranni's question AMC frame/engine numbers have no correlation at all (apart from the Norton based G15/P11 etc). When the 350cc Lightweights started production the engine number started at 500, however the frame numbers just carried on the frame number sequence of the 250cc Lightweights and batches of 250 and 350 frame numbers just carried on in sequence. Your frame and engine numbers look right for a 1961 bike and I don't think you have a problem.
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Re: G5 production numbers

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Thanks for the info Les
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Re: G5 production numbers

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And I'm the proud (?) owner of engine number 500 (First Lightweight G5 engine it would seem according to this thread). I also have engine number 519 in my 1960 G5 (built November 1959, so MoT exempt!).

As I own three Lightweights, I have a sizeable percentage of those remaining, LOL!
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Re: G5 production numbers

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Rob Harknett wrote: Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:36 pm There is a VMCC listed AJS 62/8 3284 Frame no. 10494 Les.
Machines produced are sometimes a bit of a guess, if you check some listings theres more engine numbers allocated than frames numbers.
Spare engines perhaps ?? Numbers given are sometimes found to be overlapped, backwards or forwards, if you are really keen you can discover gaps, Like the first 250 lightweight Matchless engine, that did not appear to match a frame no.. Perhaps thats the one they cut up for a cut away demo engine at the show when the new model was introduced. Which I believe is now at Kettering HQ.
I have the Ajs model 8 engine number 3284 and frame number 14121 according to my original buff log book
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Re: G5 production numbers

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See Production Documents thread in this forum for a pdf of frame and engine numbers.
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