My Dad's old bike 804XUW - Matchless 500cc Single

Where is that old bike?
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My Dad's old bike 804XUW - Matchless 500cc Single

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Hello everyone.

My Dad sold a Matchless G9 a few years ago - without asking me 1st I may add!

I didn't press the point but that bike meant a lot to me and took him a couple of years to get back together from a box of bits.

It started life with his best mate - (whom I'm named after) and spent its life in Yorkshire passing through the hands of his mates and my uncle - It was sold from Sherburn-in-Elmet. I don't think it went far from its Yorkshire home.

Sadly I lost my day last year and then my Mum 16 days later. :cry:

I am really keen to have the bike if at all possible as I am a keen bike enthusiast, Blood Bike volunteer - but would love to be able to ride and look after the old girl as I get older. :oops:

The bike is all taxed, Tested and insured - its in someone's hands - If anyone knows who I would be very grateful to know...
Any help appreciated.

I have some pictures - but they are local so I don't know how to link to them at the moment.

Kind Regards

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