1967 AJS 33 CSR rear loop

Information relating to the Matchless G15 or AJS Model 33 750cc twin. This also includes the G15 Mk II and the G15/45
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1967 AJS 33 CSR rear loop

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Hi All.
My rear loop that holds the rear fender has on the right side a hook for fix the tires inflator.
The question is where is the boss/hook to hold the pump under the seat?.
I think that the boss/hook should be on the right seat bracket but mine is completely rusted and i cannot recognize if it was there.
Thank you.
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Re: 1967 AJS 33 CSR rear loop

Post by mdt-son »

Hi Piero,
I believe the front hook was on a bolt-on bracket arrangement. I have seen this part depicted and will look out for details.

- Knut
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