Section visit to the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar

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Section visit to the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar

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On July 19th, from 12:00 - 15:00 the section has arranged a visit to the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar. The visit includes the opportunity to "Sit in a Spit", have a tour of the hangar with explanations of the work carried out and for those who want/can "Sit in the Cub". Also there will be aircraft movement(s) taking place so you will see the sight of a Spitfire and or a Hurricane warming up and taking off to go to a display. There will be plenty of photo opportunities during the visit. At the moment we have 11 confirmed attendees, 2 probable and 1 possible, we need to get this number up to around the 20 mark. So if any Kent Section members who have so far been unaware of this event and wish to go please contact me on: The cost of the visit is £30:00 per person which is more than 50% discount on the usual charge.
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Re: Section visit to the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar

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Ah! happy memories, 2427 sqd Biggin hill. I remember the hanger long before it became 'heritage', fabulous place full of all sorts of stuff us oiks were interested in :beer: There was a V1 pulse jet and a whole V2 on it's side against the hanger wall. There was a FIAT bi-plane, a Hurricane, various bit's of dismantled aeroplanes and a ME 109 Gustav with centre cannon (/ I have a spark plug from it). Best of all was a Wellington bomber complete and that was just fantastic to be in the pilots seat and let the imagination go 8-)

I remember that most of the stuff in the hanger got carted off to either Hendon or Duxford a bit after my time, so have no idea as to what is there now, but oh happy days!!
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