Program of events - January 2022

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Program of events - January 2022

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Roger has published a short term list of events:

Sunday 2nd Jan run into Chilterns stopping at a pub for refreshments. Leave bottom Marlow High St 11.30.

As the Club was celebrating it’s 70th Anniversary this year, we thought we would join the gathering planned for 16th January at the Ace Cafe in London. So, we are planning to leave from our new meeting place, Feathers, opposite the entrance to Cliveden at 11am for a run up to said Ace Cafe, which is on the North Circular road just past Hanger Lane, on the day.

Usual caveat: "Rain or Snow......" ;)

Our next Club Night at the Feathers is on 17th Jan (this the only meeting in Jan please come )

Talmag Trial at Aldershot is on 30th Jan. many EB riders will be performing, they Need your support!!
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