'57 Model 30 gearbox

Information relating to the Matchless G11 or AJS Model 30 600cc twin
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'57 Model 30 gearbox

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My gearbox engages first and second with no trouble, but initially will not engage third or fourth. The gear pedal feels as if there are not other gears there. After a few hundred yards, third and fourth magically appear, and engage freely, until downward changes that is. Then they disappear again until I have traveled a little distance, then they are back. I have made sure that the spring on the outer case is the right way up, so any ideas would be welcome. I also have a very heavy clutch. The plates and springs are all new from the spares scheme, as is the cable. I have checked the cable run, and there are no nasty bends. Compared to my G3LS clutch, I need to get to the gym to be able to ride the Model 30 comfortably. It is truly horrible in traffic.

Any ideas?

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