NUE 376 - AJS Model 16

Where is that old bike?
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NUE 376 - AJS Model 16

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From an email today:

I apologise for asking this question, but, it is very important for my Wife. Her Father and Mother used to have an AJS 350 that they used for everything, holidays, work, courting trips to local dances etc in the early 60’s, in fact my Mother in law only stopped going pillion when she became too big to comfortably get on the bike whilst carrying my Wife.
The registration number was:-

NUE 376

It would mean an awful lot if I/we could find this bike and purchase it.
If you or your members are in a position to help, we would be very grateful

It's not listed on the insurance database nor is it logged in the DVLA system, so chances are it's been scrapped or is hidden at the back of someone's shed!

If anyone has information, I will pass it on to the people concerned.
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